Sunday, July 26, 2015

Exploring Chicago

Alexis kept falling asleep.
Today we went on an RA trip to a latino neighborhood, Pilsen. On our way there, we got very lost, a two hour detour to be exact. We took a train that doesn't have the best reputation to where we were supposed to go. When we finally got to the right place, the line to the restaurant was super long and we waited another twenty minutes or so to be seated. The food was super yummy and inexpensive. The restaurant was called Nuevo Leon and I highly recommend it.

When we got back from our trip we were all exhausted and I  took a very long nap. When dinner time came around, I was not ready to wake up. During dinner we all shared our stories of the adventures we had this weekend and all the interesting people we came across on the way.

Chicago has been very adventurous and eventful so far. I have met a lot of great, kind people that I hope to keep in contact with when this program ends. We have one more week left and I am going to make the best of it and have as much fun as I possibly can.

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