Sunday, July 26, 2015

Big Bean

The Bean or it's lesser name, "Cloud Gate" is huge. I always thought it was small enough to climb on. But boy was I wrong. It is huge. Located in Millennium Park, is just a giant metal bean. I did some research and found it's design was influenced by liquid mercury to win a design competition. The Bean is constantly surrounded by crowds of people, just to stare at their own reflection in a curved mirror. I can admit I spent a good 15 minutes, doing just that.

Millennium Park is right next to The Art Institute of Chicago and it is free for University of Chicago students, so why not go again. After all, this is the last Sunday I have in Chicago this summer. I saw alot of different pieces I didn't see the first time I was there. It's cool actually being able to recognize famous painting's you've only see in pictures.

I came back in time to join the "Sunday Soccer" game. This time it was only amongst fellow students. There weren't any foreign players this time, but everyone was around the same skill level, which was nice. Today was a long day, but my last Sunday was well worth it.   

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