Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekend Fun

Jae-An's Daily Piece of Advice: Don't miss breakfast even if you wake up late, because you will regret it. I'm just saying.

After missing breakfast, I went to the Mansueto Library to work on my research project. Dominic and I have finally found a suitable topic: the relationship between properties of stars and the number of exoplanets orbiting around them. This might shed some light(haha...get it? Stars? Light? on how these systems formed. But enough about class. 

The impressive Art Institute of Chicago.
One of the 60-some Thorne Rooms. Each is incredibly detailed.
In the afternoon, I went with a small group to the Art Institute of Chicago. I don't look at art very much, but I liked many of the pieces they had on display. Also, we saw the famous Thorne Miniature Rooms, model rooms of various styles, mostly European and American. The artist modeled every room, all the tiny furniture, the tiny but accurate portraits, and even included landscapes outside the windows that you could see through.

The Institute has its own special collection of paperweights!
The hugest paperweight I've ever seen. It must have approached the size of a basketball.
Who would even want to use that as a paperweight...?
We stayed at the Institute for around an hour, and then took the train to Chinatown to eat dinner. I had some Korean noodles, but there was so much that when I was done, it was uncomfortable to stand. 

Right now, I'm relaxing in one of the lounges watching Remember the Titans, one of my favorite sports movies of all time. And one important truth is apparent to me: Work is incredibly important, but every once in a while it's also important to rest just a little.

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