Thursday, July 23, 2015

'Twas a Good Day

I realize that as I’ve settled into a routine, many of my blogs have started to sound roughly the same. Well, to spice it up I am going to start off today’s blog with a completely unrelated thought: my appreciation for National Parks. In my free time I was watching the video designed for visitors of Yosemite National Park, because I was feeling the need to witness majestic nature beauty. Being reminded of all the great features of Yosemite makes me want to go there, not just because it’s a lovely location, but because it’s a meaningful place for me that makes me happy. I’m so glad that I was exposed to the magic of Yosemite and other National Parks in my childhood, and while watching the video I was struck with how the changing world is affecting these places; for example snow has been scarce at Yosemite these past few winters. It makes me sad to think that some of the aspects of nature that make these places so special are being compromised for environmental reasons and climate change, because I want to be able to appreciate nature in its entirety in my future and hopefully share it with my children. The purpose of this random reflection was just to make the start of this blog a little different, but I hope readers will take my words to heart and consider what can be done to preserve and appreciate the brilliance of Yosemite and other amazing nature spaces.

Beauty in a Basket
Anyways, let me move on to the details of my Thursday. The day started off fabulously, because I obtained some blackberries! On my walk back from swimming at the gym this morning, I passed a man with a fruit stand. I didn’t have money on me so I was simply looking, but he offered to give me the fruit and let me pay him back tomorrow! I thought this was incredibly kind of him, and this random act of kindness combined with finally getting some berries just put me in a happy mood.

Our morning lecture today was about peer relationships and friendships. However, the most interesting part of this morning was a tangent that Cassie elaborated on regarding the effects of birth order. Sibling stuff in general is of great interest to me, and it was cool to hear that the environment the firstborn child leaves behind in the womb can have an effect on the next child.

In the afternoon, we focused on how we will write the results and discussion sections of our research papers. We also went over how to generate graphs and tables. We won’t have all our data collected until after Monday, which means we’ll have to write our final papers very quickly. Going over the process beforehand should make it easier.

Whole Foods
I spent the afternoon relaxing and working on my paper until 5, when it was time to meet up for the Improv Shakespeare excursion. We took the bus and then the Red Line to get to the iO theater, and we went to a Whole Foods in the neighborhood for dinner. The show itself was incredible! The way Improv Shakespeare works is that the actors ask for a title for the play from the audience, and then improvise a two act performance with a lot of Shakespeare style. The title of our play was “Nancy’s Midnight Snack” and the acting was a lot of fun to watch, as well as being hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was worth pushing my bedtime back later.

The simple set at iO Theater

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