Friday, July 31, 2015

The Final Goodbye

My poster
I woke up and realized today was the last day of class. I felt a bit sad since at breakfast I had to say good-bye to a lot of my friends who were leaving earlier in the day but nevertheless I looked forward to my last class. Ms. Fineschi gave us class time to work on our posters and lab report.

Then we had to present or posters. My group's poster turned out to be great and I was really proud of it. I had to present a couple of times and there were some questions. Since our class's poster session was combined with BioTech's we got to walk around and look at the research their class did.

The class was over soon and there were a lot of hugs and goodb-yes. After class Sayali, Alexis, and Megha and I went to Medici for lunch to say a good-bye to our favorite bakery. Emam was supposed to come with us but unfortunately she had to leave for home. After lunch soon everybody started to leave and literally most of the people I know left till it was only me and Alexis left.

After dinner I had to say GoodBye yet again as more people left. I was especially sad when Alexis left since she had become a close friend of mine but that's ok; we are still in contact. I decided to go back to dorm and work on my final lab report which I had been neglecting all day and is due midnight tonight. I just finished it and now I have to submit it. Tomorrow is my flight back home and I am super excited to just sleep in my own bed again.
Last Group Picture

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