Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Food Improvements and Project Preparation

For some odd reason, I have a preference for Tuesdays and Thursdays over other weekdays. It was a good start to this Tuesday that they had Greek yogurt at breakfast, which I mixed with honey, granola, and trail mix for a satisfactory breakfast.

Class today was all about language development, which is one of Cassie’s favorite subjects. After discussing the building blocks of language, we looked at examples of language in animals. This meant watching lots of videos of nonhuman primates being intelligent, which was really interesting.

Luckily, Cassie let us out for lunch later today so we managed to avoid the mobs of children. This made the lunch process much quicker, and it felt like we had lots of extra time.

Our afternoon session today was also very quick. All we had to do was make sure we were prepared for our experiments tomorrow. Our TA, Rebecca, led us to the Learning Lab. The learning room is a space with chairs, tables, and some toys to make conducting experiments easy. We ran through what the process of our experiment would be, and then Cassie let us out of class.

I had a lot of time this afternoon, which was great. My attitude towards work is typically to just get it done, so I spent the afternoon accomplishing lots of homework, doing laundry, and practicing flute. Then I went to the gym for a swim before dinner. On a side note about athletics, I realized it’s been a really long time since I’ve been on a hilly run because it’s so flat here. This makes runs easy, but I’m unaccustomed to it because it’s near impossible to go on a run without hills back in El Cerrito.

The miracle of the day occurred at dinner today. The dining hall had watermelon!! This new addition to the fruit selection probably made me happier than it should have. Actually, the dining hall in general has been more bearable this week. I’m not sure if the food has genuinely been better, or if I’m just in a more optimistic mood this week. Either way, this positive outlook on the food has made this a pretty good week so far. And more importantly, we’re experimenting tomorrow! I’m really curious to see the results of our experiment, and of course I’m excited that we’ll finally be getting to interact and observe little kids up close. Stay posted to hear what we discover tomorrow!  

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