Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Long Day

I was so excited all day that I couldn't sleep and before I knew it was time to meet up at El Cerrito High School. Don went over some basic information and we all took pictures. At that point I wasn't really sleepy - just a bit tired. The excitement was wearing me out.

The shuttle destined to take us to the airport arrived and I said goodbye to my parents. We soon arrived to the airport. The line wasn't that big so the check in went smoothly. Then we ate while waiting for the boarding. Soon it was time to board the flight.

This was my first time boarding an airplane after 4 years so I was quite nervous. I have always had a small fear of airplanes. Once it was time for take off I got a weird feeling in my stomach. It felt like I was on a rollercoaster going up. I started listning to music to distract myself. The flight was exhausting since no matter how much I tried I couldn't fall asleep and when I did fall asleep, the flight landed two minutes after. 

We had a stay at Phoenix, Arizona. After that we didn't have much time to board the next plane. Once boarded I was much calmer than my last flight. I actually managed to fall asleep so I was much less tired.

After arriving at St. Louis, Missouri my cohort and I took a cab to Charles Knight Hotel. The place looked really nice. We all got settled in our rooms. I shared mine with Tamika.

For the most part I stayed in the room. The weather was really weird since it was drizzling yet there was still a lot of humidity. I cranked up the AC in the room and mostly sat by the big glass window in our room.

After a while I got tired and fell asleep, when I woke up I realized I had 20 minutes left before the dinner. I ran and got ready then the cab picked us up and we all headed out to Atlas restaurant.

Once we arrived at Atlas, we all sat down and brainstormed the quesions we were going to ask the Office Admins and students of Washington University in St. Louis. 

Soon the university students and admissions officers arrived and the dinner began. I sat in between Michelle Zhang and Reid Petty. I asked a couple of questions. The basic jist of what I got from hearing Dana Robertson, Michelle Zhang, and Reid Petty talk was that the university has a very safe, secure, friendly and supportive enviroment. It was interesting to hear that many were attracted to the university due to the particular welcoming and friendly image the university and the students project.

For me it was a pretty good dinner. It kind of got me thinking more about considering to apply to colleges that I wasn't thinking about before and It definitely got me more stoked for the tour we are supposed to take tommorrow of Washington University in St. Louis.

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