Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Decent People Aren’t Up At That Hour

It was early--awfully early--2:50 AM early.  It was that time of night when our bodies were telling is we should be snug as a bug in a rug back in the comfort of our beds.

But no--we were, instead, standing out in front of El Cerrito HS preparing the UChicago cohort to head east where they can soak up information about schools like UChicago, Northwestern, Washington University in St. Louis and Notre Dame.
Led by Alana Scott--their chaperone from Hercules HS--Tamika Whitenack, Brandon Dela Cruz, Aisha Asif and Jae-An Wang had their luggage weighed, their IDs checked and received their last minute instructions before standing in the unseasonably warm morning air to have their group photos taken.
This was a quiet group with no questions from either the members of the cohort or their parents.  Could it be that their minds were whirling thinking about the activities planned over the next few days?  Could it be that they were thinking of the questions they would ask the admissions officers from the schools they’ll be visiting?  Or maybe they wondering if they rushed back home if their beds would still be warm.

None of this mattered, though, once the airport shuttle arrived, their luggage was loaded and they had settled into their comfortable seats.

At 3:51 the shuttle doors closed and the van headed south on Ashbury on it’s way to SFO where their first stop later today would be St. Louis where they would dine with admissions officers, students and alums from Washington University in St. Louis.  Tomorrow the site visit before heading up to Chicago and a visit to Northwestern.  Capping the week they take the Greyhound bus to South Bend IN to see if Notre Dame is everything they say it is.

When the week rolls around they check in to their dorms at UChicago and attend the orientation.  School starts on Monday and they all want to be prepared.  Stay tuned to their blogs so you can follow their exploits.

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  1. Thanks for everything, Don! Now, go get some rest!