Monday, July 6, 2015

Astonishing Adventure

Sit back, buckle your seat-belts, because we are about to commence on a journey of a lifetime.
Throughout this blog page one can enjoy the various experiences and feelings of each and every member of the University of Chicago cohort. This entry marks the beginning of hundreds more to come; explaining every nitty-gritty detail of out trip. As I sit here typing this entry, I can only imagine the new knowledge we will gain, from college life to educational enlightenment. Ladies and gentleman, kids of all ages, cultures around the world, please enjoy the show!

Its about 7:00 PM, meaning that I should be asleep right about now; in order to wake up new and refreshed at 2:00 AM to meet the rest of my cohort at El Cerrito High School. Packing efficiently has never been a forté of mine. I usually run around the house, grabbing anything that seems of some use and throwing it into a pile in my suitcase. Currently I am quite satisfied with my current plethora of various clothes and bathroom necessities I have jammed into my suitcase. Maybe I need a bigger one? No, I just need to push harder.

My body isn't used to sleeping early, and definitely not used to waking up early. My current sleeping schedule consists of midnight snacks and movies and waking up around noon. It's going to be tough adjusting to the jet lag and new time zone. But I'm up to the challenge and willing to try new things throughout our journey. I hope readers at home can utilize this blog page as a window to our experiences and feelings at the University of Chicago.

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  1. I physically am not accustomed to waking up this early either! Caffeine is needed.