Friday, July 3, 2015

Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame, home of the fighting irish, was founded by Father Edward Sorin in 1842. Notre Dame was ranked 16th among national universities by U.S News and World Report. It was first established as an all male institution but then starting enrolling women around 1972. The university is predominantly catholic and was founded as a catholic college. A beautiful golden dome with a statue of mary can be seen in the main building.

The famous Notre Dame stadium

The university is known for having a beautiful campus. It is located in Indiana and is made up of 1250 acre. The university is also big on sports and has impressive athletic teams. Their teams are member of NCAA Division 1. They have many buildings dedicated to sports especially famous their stadium, which is so huge it can hold about 80 thousand people.

The university is divided into five major colleges and a professional school. I can see myself fitting into this university because I admire that that the university is religous and preserves traditional values yet still very open to further reaserch. I respect that balance of preserving values yet moving forward. I look forward to touring University of Notre Dame soon with my chicago cohort.

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  1. Aisha - wow, I didn't realize the campus was strictly male admittance until the 1970s!

    I am also looking forward to our visit.