Monday, July 6, 2015

Pre-Departure Cramming

My stuff
As much as I would like to say that it took me hours and hours of tedious exercise to find a way to stuff everything into my suitcase and backpack, that wasn’t the case. Instead, it took me just under an hour to find everything I needed and to stuff it all into my suitcase and backpack. I’m not a very excessive packer. After lifting the bags a few times it became clear that my luggage was far under the 50-pound limit. When it comes to me lifting things, anything over 40 pounds stays firmly planted on the ground.

My expensive astrophysics textbook
Since it’s still early in the afternoon, I think that I'll read through my astronomy textbook one more time and cram. I’ve already studied the whole thing, but I’m a bit worried that my summer classmates will be child geniuses. Call me paranoid, but similar things have happened to me before…

I’m actually a little worried about this trip. It’s a chance for me to show that I can take care of myself, but it also happens to be a chance for me to show that I can’t take care of myself properly. Maybe I’m just overthinking things. Either way, I’ll be getting up at 2:00 AM tomorrow to go on a plane that will take me to St. Louis, Missouri, kicking off this month-long trip. But for now, maybe I should just cram a bit more…

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  1. I look forward to hearing about the other time you encountered child geniuses.